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Home storage solutions

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There used to be a time when people chose free-standing furniture to go with their home. We might squeeze a wall cabinet in here, that wardrobe might fit over there... we'll worry about the rest when we come to it. Then came the era of built in wardrobes or walk in closets but still with countless and often mismatched storage units.

Now Schmidt would like to welcome you to the age of beautiful, cleverly designed furniture and a wealth of interior solutions and wardrobe accessories that are just as unique as you and your home. Not only are our units made to measure, but you can personalise them to your heart's content. Whether you are looking for a pop or trendy design, sleek finishes, warm and spacious solutions, or a space-saving design, the only limit is your imagination. 
Designing the home interior of your dreams has been and always will be our abiding passion. Follow us…

WALL panels

For a sleek-looking dressing room with a space-saving design: WALL panels easily bring a decorative touch and provide the ideal surface for fixing your made-to-measure units, shelves and rails for storing and showcasing all your possessions, just like in a luxury clothes shop.

VITEO for wall-to-wall interior solutions

This innovative range of wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling units has been designed for storing everything without losing a single centimetre. With made-to-measure shelves, clothes rails, lighting and matching drawers, you can tidy away everything with ease.

Instead of an oversize dressing room, why not create lots of different storage areas all around the home for keeping everything tidy : hallway wardrobe, entryway cloackroom, wardrobes for small rooms or built in closets... everything is possible.

Schmidt gets back to the basics of interior solutions: ESPACE collection and its bookcases

Structure, organise and accessorise:?
ESPACE is a beautifully built traditional storage solution that is perfectly organised and offers a multitude of solutions for every room in the house.?

Bedroom walk-in wardrobe

Meuble de rangement Groove Tabacco niche ouverte avec étagère lumineuse et tablette coulissante couleur bois et noir.

Cellar corner in the kitchen

Baby bedroom bookcase

Vue détaillée d'un crochet mis en situation dans une niche ouverte du placard Groove Tabacco.

Everything tidy and handy : hooks to hang dustpan and brush

Dressing Portland Indian Oak couleur bois blanc bleu aves se différents modules de rangement.

Bathroom closet

Armoire buanderie Arcos Slow Wood ouverte avec le lave-linge et le sèche linge et la niche avec la planche à repasser, une porte sortie de son emplacement escamotable.

A laundry cabinet to keep your machines out of sight when you don’t have a laundry room.

Satisfying all your requirements

  • Meubles de rangement Arcos Zonza en sous pente couleur gris bois noir.

    Bookcase under a roof slope?

  • Bibliothèque d'angle Loft Shamrock Kashmir avec armoire colone d'étagères bloc coulissant surplombé de deux niches.

    Corner bookcase?

  • Placard dressing Stone Oak en sous-pente avec la porte ouverte et l'éclairage intérieur.

    Dressing room under a roof slope?


DOORS for the ultimate in privacy

Corner bifold doors

Fold the doors back for unhindered access to your storage space before closing them to create the perfect illusion of a stylishly decorated wall. You will never see your room corners in the same light again! A wardrobe for your everyday clothes and a wardrobe for your most stylish outfits.

Folding doors

Having taken so much care in choosing your colour scheme, why settle for an unsightly internal finish? Our folding closet doors are just as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside, and they are so easy to use. Dressing room doors used to be designed for functionality rather than style, but nowadays they are decorative objects in their own right with a broad selection of colours, patterns and finishes, whether matt, graphical, sleek or silky smooth. 


PORTAE: sophisticated swing doors

A range for letting your creative streak do the talking. Play with the different dimensions, colours, materials and finishes... the devil is in the details.

Have you set your heart on full-height doors stretching all the way to the ceiling with an eye-catching deep gloss finish? Portae will allow your dreams to come true.

SOLAE : sliding wardrobe doors made to measure

With our sliding closet doors, nothing could be easier than combining beauty with the ultimate in practicality. No wasted millimetres, a space-saving solution (even when the doors are open) and an impressive selection of colours, patterns and materials to reflect your personality.

NEO: the unique soft-closing doors

Awkward angles and sizes?

Not a problem for Schmidt! Our doors can be tailored to fit each corner, angle or sloping ceiling, meaning that you can treat yourself to a host of interior solutions, including corner dressing rooms, attic wardrobes and under stairs cupboard, all finished with our made to measure doors made-to-measure doors, irrespective of the unit's shape.

Schmidt has built (and continues to forge) its reputation for bringing its inimitable quality to every room of the home and taking made-to-measure solutions to the next level by focusing on personalisation. 

Pocket doors in the corner

Doors for sloping roof wardrobes

Under stairs doors

Doors for sloping roof wardrobes

Doors in the corner